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Airbus A-320 Charter Flights – Jumbo Jet

The A320 is perhaps best known as the first airliner to introduce a fly-by-wire flight control system – where control inputs from the pilot are transmitted to the flying surfaces by electronic signals rather than mechanical means. This jumbo passenger airliner jet is also utilized as a private jet for charters by large groups of passnegers or for extra comfort. Apart from a small weight saving, the advantage of Airbus’ fly-by-wire is that as it is computer controlled, an inbuilt flight envelope protection makes it virtually impossible to exceed certain flight parameters such as G limits and the aircraft’s maximum and minimum operating speeds and angle of attack limits.

Also integral to the A320 is the advanced electronic flightdeck, with six fully integrated EFIS colour displays and innovative sidestick controllers rather than conventional control columns. The A320 also employs a relatively high percentage of composite materials compared to earlier designs.

  • Passenger Capacity:60
  • Airspeed (mph):464
  • Lavatory Style:Full
  • Range:2700

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