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Cessna Citation CE-525+ CJ1 Charter Flights – Light Jet

In a Cessna Private Light Jet CJ1+ Aircraft, you will be a mover, not a shaker. That’s because the private aircraft Cessna Citation CE-525 CJ1+ flies at cruise speeds of up to 389 knots (448 mph), about 150 mph faster, two miles higher, and unquestionably smoother than similarly sized private turboprop aircrafts. You’ll avoid weather and traffic, while traveling in silky-smooth, quiet comfortable private airplane.

  • Passenger Capacity:5
  • Airspeed (mph):386
  • Cabin Width:4.8
  • Cabin Length:11
  • Lavatory Style:Enclosed
  • Range:1302
  • Cabin Height:4.8
  • Baggage Capacity:74 FT 3

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