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The Cessna CJ3 jet charter comes from a long line of popular light jets produced by Cessna and is actually the sixth generation in the Citation series. Citation charter jets are focused on value. Chartering a flight on a light jet is all about getting to where you need to be economically and comfortably. This model maximizes fuel efficiency and and cuts down on some of the complexities that other larger aircraft incorporate to help improve operating efficiency across the board without sacrificing on performance.

What you get when you book a CJ3 Jet Charter

All jet charters by Apollo Jets have a proven safety record and rest assure that any CJ3 Charter flight has safety as the number one priority. Aside from that you can always expect timely departure and arrival times, and any other requirements or needs that you might have. Private charter flights and business travel often has specific demands that simply can’t be met when flying commercial airlines and Apollo Jets understands this and can accommodate almost any need. Book a CJ3 Charter Flight now of for your next business or personal trip and see how an expanded cabin, increased luggage capacity and other upgrades feel. Like all the light charter jets in our fleet, we know you won’t be disappointed.

Check out this short video about CJ3 Cabin Technology available on some light jets.

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  • Passenger Capacity:6
  • Airspeed (mph):479
  • Cabin Width:4.8
  • Cabin Length:16
  • Lavatory Style:Enclosed
  • Range:1710
  • Cabin Height:4.8
  • Baggage Capacity:74 ft3

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