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Citation Encore Private Jet Charters

Cessna has a solid reputation in the aviation and light jet industry and the Citation Encore is no exception. This makes a great aircraft charter for executives, professionals and celebrities that need a quick and reliable way to fly between cities or offices without wasting time. The Cessna Model 560 was upgraded into what eventually became the Encore – including better Pratt and Whitney engines and added fuel capacity so it could stay in the air longer and increase the range.

The Cessna Encore light jet can reach a cruising speed of 445 mph (faster than its predecessor) and the added fuel capacity gives it a range of over 1,500 miles. There is room in this light jet for up to 8 people which means you can bring your whole entourage, client or family and still travel in comfort.

Just like all light jet charters offered by Apollo Jets, safety is paramount. Apollo Jets is the first and only ARGUS Certified Broker, and all our clients rest easier knowing they have the highest level of safety in the private charter industry. The Citation Encore is comparable to other light jets offered by Apollo, and one of a few different Cessna Charters offered. Others include the Cessna CJ1 Charter, Cessna CJ2 Jet Charter and Cessna CJ3 Executive charter.

  • Passenger Capacity:8
  • Airspeed (mph):427
  • Cabin Width:4.8
  • Cabin Length:17.8
  • Lavatory Style:Full
  • Range:2072
  • Cabin Height:4.9
  • Baggage Capacity:69 ft3

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