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Citation V Charter Flights – Light Jet

After stretching the Citation I Private Jet Aircraft to make the II, Cessna decided to increase the size of the cabin again, stretching the fuselage by 20 inches in length, resulting in the largest member of the straight-wing private aircraft family, the Model 560 Citation V. The first engineering prototype private airplane flew in August, 1987, and certification was granted in December, 1988. This light private aircraft utilizes the T-47A’s JT15D5A engines for extra performance. By the time this aircraft was replaced by a newer model private jet airplane in 1994, 262 Cessna CE-560 units have been built.

  • Passenger Capacity:8
  • Airspeed (mph):427
  • Cabin Width:4.8
  • Cabin Length:17.3
  • Lavatory Style:Full
  • Range:1900
  • Cabin Height:4.9
  • Baggage Capacity:41 ft3

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