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Learjet 45 jet charters – Midsize Jet

Learjet 45 jet charters have cabins designed for comfort with seats that swivel, recline and move forward and back. This makes a huge difference when flying across the country in the U.S. or between countries in Europe with seven or eight passengers. In addition to the comfortable seats in the cabin, the design was specifically put in place to feel less claustrophobic and maximize space.

Midsize private Learjet 45 jet charters are popular with executives as well as private airline travelers that make longer trips and want to feel comfortable when they travel. Baggage and luggage capacity is sufficient to make sure all suitcases and carry on items fit on board. The Learjet 45 is also designed to be quiet while operating and noise and sound levels are muted by features designed to minimize air noise. Dual area temperature control zones also make sure everyone on the flight feels comfortable while they travel.

Bombadier Learjet 45  models are well known for their performance, economy and reliability. This is a great midsize jet charter for those looking for a cost-effective and luxury way to travel. The Learjet 45 cruises at 465 knots and has a range of 2120 nautical miles.

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  • Passenger Capacity:8
  • Airspeed (mph):465
  • Cabin Width:5.1
  • Cabin Length:19.8
  • Lavatory Style:Full
  • Range:1800
  • Cabin Height:4.9
  • Baggage Capacity:65 ft3

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