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Premier 1A Charter Flights – Light Jet

The Private Jet Aircraft model Premier 1A is constructed with high-strength composite, carbon fiber/epoxy honeycomb fuselage, produced by computer-controlled, automated machines. Despite being under the 5700kg range meaning the Premier 1/1A can be certified as a light aircraft for operation by a single pilot, it sports a medium private jet sized cabin in terms of cross section. The private jet aircraft powerplants are Williams International FJ44-2A engines built on a design of simplicity, low fuel consumption, and high-altitude thrust performance. The private airplane features Collins Pro Line 21 avionics with total system integration and instrument placement designed to make single-pilot operation easy, simple and safe.

  • Passenger Capacity:6
  • Airspeed (mph):480
  • Cabin Width:5.5
  • Cabin Length:13.5
  • Lavatory Style:Enclosed
  • Range:1450
  • Cabin Height:5.5
  • Baggage Capacity:60 ft3

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