Private Jet Travel Partners

Our exclusive travel partners ensure our clients experience excellence in private travel arrangements Worldwide.

  • San Diego Aviators

    Apollo Jets proudly supports San Diego Aviators

  • Executive Protection Consultants

    The EPC team’s mission is to provide our clients the highest level of security and safety. Our extensive training and experience allows us to serve our clients with the highest level of expertise. Our clientele include celebrities, royalty, CEO’s, and other high profile figures. Our moral and ethical values, as well as our strict adherence to confidentiality, separate us from the rest. We offer 24/7 executive protection worldwide.”I only trust this company with my family’s safety.” -Albert Pujols, Professional Athlete.

  • Antigen Realty

    Premium Real Estate Services for the Athlete/Entertainer Generation.

  • Ship Sticks, LLC

    Ship Sticks is a web-based service that will take care of every detail involved in shipping golf clubs almost anywhere in the U.S. Our easy-to-use website makes it simple to log on and send clubs to their next destination.Ship Sticks personnel track Ship Sticks shipments to make sure that a golfer’s clubs arrive at the course before the golfer does. Through our notification system you, your members, and guests will know where their sticks are every step of the way. Ship Sticks will also handle any claims that arise from the shipping process. Ships Sticks exists to make travel easier and shipping more affordable for your members and guests — after all, we’re a company of golfers, for golfers.

  • CEO Challenges

    CEO Challenges is the world leader in sport competitions designed specifically for CEOs. Our ultimate goal is to find the world’s best CEO in a number of different sports. We began in 2001 with the CEO Ironman Challenge, and now we have expanded to include CEO Triathlon, Golf, Cycling, Marathon, Fishing, Sailing, and Tennis Challenges. The company currently owns eleven trademarks for various sports that CEOs compete in.

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