Private Jet Client Testimonials

  • Derek Jeter

    "Apollo Jets goes above and beyond in helping with my travel needs. Their service, flexibility, comfort and luxurious style distinguish them from the competition and make them my go-to option for flying."

  • Shaquille O'neal

    "As a person who is used to the highest level of service, courtesy and professionalism with almost everything I experience, I am absolutely floored by the extraordinary measures Apollo takes to make sure everything is perfect."

  • Richard "Bo" Dietl

    "I recently had a great opportunity to take an Apollo Jets charter, round-trip, from Republic Airport in
    Farmingdale, NY, to Saint Martin. This is the first time I was a passenger on a Challenger 300, and my
    experience was wonderful. The size of the plane was spacious and comfortable, and the professionalism
    of the pilots, and crew was exemplary. I would definitely recommend Apollo Jets for any private jet
    charter services."

888.910.5387 / 888.910.5387

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